Sales Of Broiler Chicken , Layer Chickens , Lives​tock , Poultry Equipment & Animals Feeds, Fresh Potatoes & R​efined Beef Tallow, Cow Gallstones


Our company began operating with the aim of producing and supplying top quality Cows, Goat, Sheep, Layer & Broiler Chicken ,Day-old chicks and Fresh eggs, Ostrich, and Animal Feeds . Also we have Poultry Equipment. From humble beginnings, our company has grown from a small supplier to one which produces on average 250 000 day old chicks per week, supplying, Layers & Broiler Chickens, ostrich and now animal feed , Livestock

The farm currently accommodates 17 breeding sites into which flocks of 7,000 breeder chickens are placed every 62 weeks in a 5-week cycle. Breeders are reared according to strict technical specifications. At an approximate age of 22 weeks, the breeders have matured and start laying eggs. These eggs are transported to the chicken hatchery where, after disinfection and grading, they are placed in setters for a period of 18 days. They are then transferred to the hatchers for 3 days in order to complete the hatching process.

Cow Gallstones

Cow Gallstones For Export.100% Cow gallstones ready for exports.worldwide exports and wholesale prices apply for all wholesale buys ready.


Fresh Potatoes

We supply grade A fresh potatoes from the farm, large and medium ideal for chips and food.
potato Size: 50-100g,100-150g,150-200g,200-250g,250-500g

Our Packing: 7kg /mesh bag, 10kg/carton,10kg/mesh bag,
20kg/mesh bag.
Our offers includ free delivery to costumers with bulk orders and
at competitive prices.


Beef Refined Tallow oil

Type: Fat 
Source: Cattle 
Color: White
Ingredients: Rendered fat from Bones and soft tissues
Certification: Inedible 
Packaging: 185 Kg drums
Place of Origin: South Africa 
Free fatty acid: 3% (max)
Density: 0.890 at 35 degree C
Unsap matter: 2% (max)
Moisture: 0.5% (max)
Melting point: 38 degree C.
Colour: Pale white
Sulphur: 0.005 (max)
Phosphorous: 0.001 (max)
FFA: 2 - 5% Max. 
FAC: 11A/11B Mix
Titre: 41.5% 
Bleach: 1.0 Red Max. 
Moisture: 0.01% Max.




Our strategically located facilities, ensuring that input costs are kept low. We pride ourselves on superseding industry-led quality and safety standards.We believe in delivering extra-ordinary products and ensuring that quality control is always at the forefront of our processes. For this reason, we have integrated all production processes under one roof guaranteeing total quality management, whilst making us one of the most efficient farming groups in South Africa.