Sales Of Broiler Chicken , Layer Chickens , Lives‚Äčtock , Poultry Equipment & Animals Feeds, Fresh Potatoes & R‚Äčefined Beef Tallow, Cow Gallstones

We the following , Chicken Feed, Pig Feed,Chicken Layer Cage,Egg Incubators and Hatchers,Feeder & Drinker

Feeds For Sale

Chickens /Chicks Feed.

-50kg bag of Mash Layer Feed : R200
-50kg bag of Stater Feed : R220
-50kg bag of Grower Feed : R180
-50 kg bag of Finisher Feed : R180

Pig Feed

Pig growing Mesh 50kg =R200
Sow and Boar meal 50kg =R280
Speenvrak meal 50kg =R220
Laktating Sow 50kg =R250
Pig Concernrtate 50kg =R220


Chicken Layer Cage For Sale

Layer Cage Price List 

120 unit = R6600
240 unit =R13200
360 unit =19800
480unit= R26400
600 unit =R33000
1080 unit = R55 000
 1500 Unit=" R67,000.00


We offer transportation to distance buyers
Packages are generally dispatched within 2 days after receipt of payment and are shipped with tracking number
We Don't Do C.O.D. It's Full payment before we delivery
Collection:  If you prefer to collect in person, Then you will have to place and make payment for your order and then come collect 2 days after payment.
We do Online Sells Only, Visiting and Viewing Is At The 1st Of Every Months And It's On Appointment 

We Offer Discount For Bulk Buyers And Free Delivery Around South Africa For Huge Order

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