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We the following , Point Of Lay Hens, Broiler Chicken,Rooster,Day Old Chicks,Fresh Tale Eggs & Fertile Eggs

Broilers Chickens For Sale

Cornish Rock Cross Fast Growing Chicken

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Cornish Rock Cross Slow Growing Chicken
Grade A Ross 308 :R7 eachGrade A Cobb 500: R7 each
 Day Old  Chicks : R7 A Box 100 Chicks:R700
1 Week Old  Chicks:R14
3 weeks Old  Chicks:R29
4 Weeks Old  Chicks:R32

  Ready For Meat
5 Weeks old =R40 Per Chicken = 1.4KG-1.8KG
6 Weeks old =R45 Per Chicken = 2.1KG-2.4KG
8 Weeks old =R50 Per Chicken = 2.5KG - 2.8KG
Point Of Lay Broiler Chicken=R60 Per Chicken

Point Of Lay Hens For Sale

Rhode Island Red
Hyline Brown
Grade A Chicken & Chicks
 Day Old  Chicks : R7 A Box 100 Chicks:R700

1 Week Old  Chicks:R14
3 weeks Old  Chicks:R29
4 Weeks Old  Chicks:R32
5 Weeks Old  Chicks:R35
6 weeks Old  Chicks:R40
8 weeks Old  Chicks:R45
17-23 weeks Old Chicken(Point Of Lay):R60
 Off Layers=R45 Each
Lohman Brown
Buff Orpington
Light Sussex
ack Australorps
White Leghorn 
Amber Link

Fresh Brown Table Eggs For Sale

Fresh Brown Table Eggs
 Quality:Class A

Small (45g) 360 eggs a carton =R250
Medium (55g) 360 eggs a Carton="R280
Large (60g)360 eggs a Carton=" R320
X-large(65g)  360 eggs a Carton =R350
Jumbo (70g) 360 eggs a Carton =R400
15 Dozen Medium (55g)  180 eggs a Carton=" R220

15 Dozen Large (60g) 180 eggs a Carton=" R250

Dirty Ones Medium (55g) 360 eggs a Carton =R200

 30 Eggs in One Tray, 12 Trays in One Carton making 360 eggs per box


Fertile  Eggs For Sale

All our Fertile Eggs are

Grade A Ross 308 :R4 Per Egg
Grade A Cobb 500: R4 Per Egg

360 fertile eggs a carton =R1,440
Hatching Capacity="%95


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