Sales Of Broiler Chicken , Layer Chickens , Lives​tock , Poultry Equipment & Animals Feeds, Fresh Potatoes & R​efined Beef Tallow, Cow Gallstones

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We offer transportation to distance buyers
Packages are generally dispatched within 2 days after receipt of payment and are shipped with tracking number
We Don't Do C.O.D. It's Full payment before we delivery 
If you prefer to collect in person, Then you will have to place and make payment for your order and then come collect 2 days after payment.
We do Online Sells Only, Visiting and Viewing Is At The 1st Of Every Months And It's On Appointment 

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What We Sale

Day Old ChicksLayer Hens
Broiler Chicken
Saanen Goat
Boer Goat
Kalahari Red Goat
Dorper Sheep
Merino Sheep
Ostrich & Eggs
Bosmara Cattle
Nguni Cattle
Brahman Cattle

Angus CattleBoran Cattle
Beef Master Cattle
Fresh Table Eggs
Chicken Feed
Layer Cage
Feeder & Drinker
Egg Incubators

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WhatsApp : + 27 835210624
Address : Mokhesi village, sterkspruit Easten Cape 9762 South Africa.

Cow Gallstones For Sale

We have great quality 100% gallstones and hand picked to guarantee quality.