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We the following , Boer Goat,Kalahari Red Goat,Saanen Goat,Dorper Sheep,Merino Sheep,Bosmara Cattle,Nguni Cattle,Brahman Cattle,Angus Cattle,Beef Master Cattle,Boran Cattle,Ostrich

Boer Goat

 Boer Goat Prices
Boer Goats R800 – R1200 Each (Between 6 – 13 Months, Weight 40kg – 65kg)
Dairy Goat R1100 Each
Pregnant Goat R1400 Each
Young Goats R550 Each (Betwee​n 3 – 4 Months

Kalahari Red Goat

 Kalahari Goats Price
Kalahari  Goats R800.00 Each  6 – 13 Months, 
Weight 40kg – 75kg
Dairy  Goats R1000.OO Each
Pregnant goats R1100.00 Each
Young Goats R550.00 Each 3 – 4 months

Saanen Goat

Saanen Goat Prices
Saanen goat R900 – R1300 Each 6 – 13 Months, 
Weight 40kg – 75kg
Dairy goat R1200 Each
Pregnant Goat R1400 Each
Young goat R600 Each 3 – 4 months